Ideas of Mass Destruction … defined!

You would think doing a part-time degree would allow a little more spare time, but no it does not work like that! On top of the course you have to work part-time as well, hence the lack of recent posts. Another reason is I have been reading and absorbing information, and there is a lot happening out there!

© Slippery Rock University (

© Slippery Rock University (

Therefore the way I read WordPress is all a change, using the tag options, which brings in so much more, whist at the same time enhancing the volume for me to pile through. I have also decided to change the way I write my blog putting more of my thoughts and a few videos in one post maybe having a little bit of a theme each post (ooh exciting). So there we go, I hope I can produce more content and you all find it readable and informative.

Today I wanted to sum up a bit of what I have been reading and my thoughts on it all.  There is a lot of far-out stuff been thrown around, some of it very scary, some of it just a too weird to be true. By using the tags to search subject such as Palestine, Syria or Economic collapse, there’s such a wealth of information, far better than that of the newspapers I used to read! Now I know I’m sounding like I’ve rediscover the wheel, but to me this was of relevance. Thinking about what a newspaper is (as you’ll know from my previous posts my opinion for the agenda driven press does not amount to

much) but in essence it’s articles written by someone for their boss = Murdoch = The government = The Corporations opinion! So your probably following my train now, basically blogs are just as relevant in my mind to a newspaper if not better due to the lack of enforced opinion. Now some would disagree but I think this is a good argument, today the media are brainwashing the masses (maybe a little strong but in essence they do). It’s on this premise I have changed my source of media, now I know just reading one blog and taking it as gospel would be an unwise move so I am not taking too much to heart unless I come across it a few times or I hear someone else mention it in the circles I move. Also putting a bit of two and two together and getting the same answers is occurring a lot.

We know the world economy is in a mess and about to collapse, well it already has but they are keeping it afloat with Quantitative easing, or printing loads of paper notes and pretending nothing is happening to you and me. Now some might say this is all rubbish and the economy is improving, I mean just listen to Mr Osborne how could you not. Sorry i’m waffling, I’ll cut to it …

This economic mess has been a longtime coming, since the early 70’s in fact when Nixon basically announce the Petrodollar! I wanted to know more, I already had my suspicions (along with most) the wars on Terror i.e. Iraq, Libya and Afghanistan had alteria motives (i.e. Oil and control of the Petrodollar), I heard Saddam Hussain had tried to change to sell his oil in Euros just before he was attacked. Then there was the report that he could get ‘Weapons of Mass Destruction’ in 25 hrs that Dr Kelly (who wrote it) admitted was “sexed up”, then he was found dead in woods, suicide… ummm really! I mean we all know that was a lie! In fact it was the basis to call my blog ‘Ideas of Mass Destruction’, a take on the fact the western corporations had these ‘Ideas of Mass Destruction’. So I had this insight but did not know any of the real history, slowly by putting things together, enough evidence convinced me what was going on, and it ain’t pretty my friends. Now lots of you know this but there are many out there who don’t or simply just don’t want to believe it ‘conspiracy theory’s’ ahhh. Now I guess you could call me a conspiracy theorist, but I would say the evidence is there and together the stories add up, I mean i’m not heading down the Queens a lizard one or anything, that’s just mad, although looking at Osborne (only joking).

So I looked for a good summary of all this and came across ‘Stormclouds Gathering’! Now this guy seems to do his research all backed up with good evidence, mainly from the Mass Media, but from a range of countries this is what people need to do so they can then put two and two together. But many say they don’t have the time to shift through the junk and find the truths, so Stormclouds Gathering’ is doing it for us. Here his explanation of the Petrodollar/War story;

I’m aware of going off on a tangent here, so moving swiftly on, Putin and Russia? Are they that bad? From what I have been reading i’d say no, call me controversial then! I know Russia have big problems and Putin is not the best leader, but look at the UK, are we that far behind? Mental health is being cut, disabled people don’t matter any more, taxes on the poor are increasing, in fact is reminds me of what Hitler did before the second world war! As I pointed out to my mother about the recent UN speeches, just take a quick look (worth watching the whole thing if you have time)

The compression to me was astounding one boasting

the biggest army in the world and that they were not afraid to use it in the name of democracy (who’s democracy I ask), and the other saying nations need to come together to combat terrorism, and that they don’t want war but will not tolerate being told how to do things in their country. Now you can guess which is which Obama being the aggressor but hold on? Are we not taught Putin is! This is when I looked up numerous Putin speeches and to me he seems quite level-headed and peaceful (compared to Obama). I pointed this out and was told “Ahh but can you trust Putin?”, just think about this statement for a moment! To me trust is proven but actions and the keeping of ones word, now I know Putin has his flaws and certain issues regarding human rights, but he has stuck to his word, where as Obama has lied, lied and lied again. So called me controversial but I am more inclined to believe Putin!

All this reading and watching of videos including some speeches by Assad too have only confirmed my opinion of this proxy war on terror. The fact recently that Isis have been withdrawing due to Russian efforts, and the US withdrawal of it mass training programme that only resulted in five soldiers (where did the rest go?). There is too much to simply put it down to the version the media tells us, so we need to wake up and share the real information, now I hope I am wrong but unfortunately it appears that I am not. I remember a friend getting me to watch The Obama Deception back in 2006 or something I was all conspiracy conspiracy conspiracy, but it’s all come true now so what does that say…

Anyway I hope we can all come together and change this cause of action, as thats the ONLY way! The last thing I have watched is this video please watch it:

I leave you with a couple of quotes;

“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” – Mahatma Gandhi

“The wealthy can no longer continue to live on an island in a sea of poverty. We are all breathing the same air. People have to have a chance, a basic chance at least. A chance of education, nutrition, medical care.” Ayrton Senna


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