A New Type of Social Media

So a change from my normal subject matter for this post, not the usual news related posts. Recently with the inevitable collapse of the economy I have been looking at alternatives, mainly Cryptocurrency. Now I believe, like many others cryptocurrency is the way forward in the move away from this corrupt banking system, we currently have. The one I decided to initially investigate and dabble with was StartCoin which also very cleverly doubles up as a crowdfunding platform. Their was no particular reason other then it was setup in part by Max Keiser who I follow and quite enjoy the Keiser report. So in short I love the ideas of crowdfunding and was dabbling with cryptocurrency and StartCoin integrated both of these so seemed a good starting place.


©StartCoin – https://startcoin.org

From this I have learnt more about other Cryptocurrencies such as BitCoin and now am looking into this also. You can get into mining, which I won’t explaining as it took me a while to get my own head around! I see it as a good way to make free BitCoin and when things do collapse at least i’ll have some BitCoin and StartCoin (if I can get it working thats is 🙂 ).

Anyway i’ll get on to the title of this post now! Through the StartCoin crowding platform StartJoin I discovered StartPeeps a new social media platform. Now I know this sounds like an advertising for it and yes in a way it is, but for a good reason.  StartPeeps has a new concept it pays you the user! I know is sounds crazy to believe but there are good people out there. Basically how it works is they advertise and cut the profit with the users simply and I have to say I like that. The advertising thing I ummm, I don’t know but in reality advertising is happening and thats not going to change fast, I personally don’t let it convince me so I happy to make a little profit on this principle. And the big and fantastic reason for joining is it’s could move people away from the big social media platforms that just profit from people and get richer and richer and sell our data. So i’d rather be apart of StartPeeps personally and make a few StartCoin to save for my dream of having a sustainable farm and a completely holistic Occupational centre (my new take on the Nursing Home). All this i plan to be raising funds for on StartJoin at some point but that is a whole post for the future.


© StartPeeps

So Please have a look at StartPeeps and join up if it suits you I make a dollar if you sign and get 100 friends (or there about) but for me thats not the reason I want people to sign (i won’t complain though, so will you if you do sign I might add). This social media platform is not corporate run and therefore does not censor things, you can post videos about things i.e. Palestine and they stay there. Social media needs to be free from censorship and people moving to StartPeeps means we can share with more people and so new ideas and truths, without censorships. Anything that moves away from the corporate control in my book is a good thing!

So please join StartPeeps here, I hope to see you there. I know it’s maybe not ideal but I think at least we can take away some of their control through this! To an extent to beat them we have to join them!

There is also StartRevAdd where you can buy ad packets and make small profit out of them, it’s appears to work so far for me. Take a look if your interested in that 🙂

Thanks for listening and don’t feel pressured 🙂


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