Are you a ‘World Citizen’ or a sponge for the propaganda media…

This title of this post is a crucial  question everyone should be asking of themselves right now! So gone on ask yourself!

Humanity is at a cross road right now and we have a choice. We continue following the propaganda media in their quest to please the global elite or we create change and move towards a equal and sustainable world. It really is that simple guys!

As you know from reading my posts I am looking for a equal and sustainable world to live in (it’s in the title) and the way we are going is quite the opposite! So many people are waking up to what is happening around us, the corruption, the lies but still there are many who dont’ want to believe the truth because they can’t handle the truth. I know on this blog I am often trying to expand the minds of thoses already a wake! We, that’s me and YOU, need to start waking people urgently. Whether you believe all the stuff I post or vice versa we know we are being lied to on a massive scale. Until we have exposed the lies and are living in a equal world we can not know the extent of things, or what is 100% true, but we know the propaganda media is feeding us rubbish. A lot of what people have been predicting is now becoming reality, economies are crashing, they are pushing Putin’s buttons, even emails confirming they went after Gadaffi, because he was moving away from the petrodollar. The latest revelation yesterday that there is a ninth planet in our solar system  are they prepping us for Nibiru? This could be a good thing if you look at the Hopi peoples prophecy of the blue star and the day of purification but we just don’t know. All I do know is we are not being told the truth!


What is the grand plan then? How do we change all this? For that I don’t have the answer but will explain some ideas. As I have said a few time in previous posts there are thousands of groups, (of which many I am a member) all fighting separately against some injustice or another, many very worthy. The question I have always asked is why separately we need to come together if we are to achieve anything, for a start! Secondly there is no point, in my opinion, protesting against austerity and Tory’s, because that’s like complaining to a road cleaner there are too many potholes. We need to sort out the real problem and then everything else will rectify in turn. What is the real problem you ask? Again a valid question which I can’t fully answer but its something like the global elite controlling the shots and banksters! Until the controling entity is exposed or overthrown nothing else will change for long, so that is where the focus needs to be. And to do that there needs to be unity and people coming together under one name! 



So through my research and following links I have found World Citizen Solutions setup by Ken O’Keefe and some others. This movement, group or Solution (whatever you want to call it), I feel is just what we need. People need to realise we need to come together under one name and take on these Banksters who run OUR WORLD, otherwise we will have a global bank and a global government. And just for the record did you know where the word ‘Government’ actual stems from? The etymology appears to point at the origin meaning to control the people, just thought I’d throw that one in, while were at it ‘Terrorist’ is someone who goes against the Government ummm language a beautiful thing!




So the message of this post is open your eyes and wake up to what is going on around the world! As my spiritual teacher tells me use “your instinct, that what’s it’s there for… it will guide to in your decisions’, likewise if you read something you think is suspicious in the propaganda media (mainstream media) it more then likely is, just because your told it’s true by “trusted media sources” it does not mean it is! You can’t trust our media it’s run by the very people who are trying to take away our freedoms and create a new world order. If we come together then we can create a equal and sustainable world, but we need to come together NOW!  Please take a look at World Citizen Solutions and if it feels right to you, then join and lets create the world we want to see!

Please spread the word, lets make the right choice 🙂


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