I came acrross this video a while back and I think it sends an important message. Although the production I find quite cheesy, the points raised I agree with totally. With the effects on climate hotly debated, some might deem this unessasry but I belive it’s essential. Oil will inevitiable run out and our dependance on it will be our downfall, even if it doesn’t the world banking system uses oil to control us, so again another reason to take away their power.

I think we need to move away from cars not only for oil reasons but also health. I have start cycling a lot recently mainly due to moving to the country, I am really feeling the benefits massively. Personally I don’t feel the need for a car, but with a family this becomes somewhat of a nesessity. My thinking howerver is in a ideal world cars would only be used on the motorway on long journeys, even more ideally trains would be used but as we know trains are out of most of our price ranges here in the UK. That is unless you book tweleve weeks in adavace and beat the rest of the poeple trying to do the same, this in reality is normally not feasible.

This I belive is quite a simple move which would do everyone good in the long run. It’s amazing how quickly your fitness comes back to you, I mean I am cycling up some wapping hills now (in my opinion). Also I bought a trailer for the littlun, which can double up as some shopping holder too, although I want to design something better, so it’s hight off the ground. But I think this is one for the project book, when time is more available. The one thing I will say I feel so much safe cycling in the country in the local town I am constantly getting cut up mainly but buses and taxis I might add! If there was move of a move towards this system then traffic would ease and all buses would work better (they can’t be much worse at the moment, if they exist at all in some places) and hopfully all prices for public transport would drop.


Now I have given public transport are rough time, but I really do believe they are run so badly and only for profit. If they dropped the price drastically, more people would use then and in turn they would make their so precious profit.

Worth consideration but all parties I think 🙂


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