Blest with Clean Oceans Project…

Our oceans are a magical places full of strange alien like creatures and adventures of the unknown. I often hear that we know more about space than the depths of the ocean. So when you hear of these apparent floating islands of plastic waste it makes you think, what effect does this have on the unknown watery world, will it prevent us from finding an amazing animal or a magical cure to greed (maybe thats just me). I wonder how is this allowed to happen, but then I think once people have thrown their rubbish into the sea, river or even on the ground and it happens unfortunately, (sometimes by mistake) it makes it’s way into the the oceans. How can we track it or get it back?

These ‘Trash islands’ are one thing but what about all the plastic animals swallow and in consequence suffer a slow painful death, now someone people (I doubt none of you) would not really care about this, but i’d say to those people to then think about the bigger picture, this plastic will get into our food chain through animal digestion or even Microplastics and in turn we will be munching down on some fish infused plastic.

A few months ago well actually about a year ago I came across the Blest Machine, an incredible invention by Akinori Ito and his colleagues that converts plastic into fuel. Wow you might say, but this has not taken off I’m not sure why. I’ve read arguments saying it just encourages plastics and the solution is to move a way from them, I totally agree with this but there is a lot of plastic around which could be used to covert into fuel, until we have a complete solution for it’s replacement.

With this invention there are huge possibilities it just needed the opportunity. Well now it’s here Clean Oceans Project’ have team up with them and using their app that works out where rubbish would end up after riding the oceans tides. When they locate this rubbish they can convert it to fuel in order to stay miles of the shoreline collecting all the rubbish. This is fantastic plan and shows great devotion as well as what can be achieved when people come together with ideas.

Real solutions come about!


In addition read about Mission Ocean a very important mission, thanks 🙂


3 responses to “Blest with Clean Oceans Project…

    • Thank you! It’s just shows there are people out there improving this world even if the main stream media don’t want us to know. It lifts me in my mission and by sharing it I hope other feel this inspiration too.

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