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Farming the oceans

Equality 333:

With our oceans depleting of fish and nutrients people wonder (or I do anyway) why there is not a solution. A solution to get food from the ocean, do this sustainably, rebuild the damage done and create enough to supply and every growing demand. Sometimes it’s seem best just not to fish on a large scale, get people to catch their own in the good old fashioned way using small boat and a rod. I would quite enjoy this but lets be fair this is not everyone’s forte, mine included and there would be bound to be some sort of arguments of fishing wars of some sort.

So when I saw this solution on ‘Making Wealth History’ I just had to share it, it sounds like an amazing idea. For sure it needs to be implemented as soon as possible. Currently we have massive ships fishing day and night not only depleting the fish stocks but ripping apart the sea bed, it’s got to stop! Enough is enough, everything is become mass produced and industrialised and just like the industrial revolution the industrialisation of food is ending, we hope, but with initiative thinking like this I can see the light!

We need to spread ideas like this that can bring about sustainability, then we can stand up in numbers to implement it. Our government is not going to embrace this kind of thing, their interest is not in sustainability.

Originally posted on Make Wealth History:

As the world population grows, and as people are lifted out of poverty and start to enjoy a healthier diet, the world is going to need more food. At the same time, soil depletion, climate change and unsustainable water use are making food production more challenging.

There’s no magic solution to increasing the amount of food the world can produce, but lots of promising avenues to explore. Solutions include making better use of what we already have by reducing food waste and choosing less meat, to new techniques such as urban intensive agriculture or precision farming.

Among the more unusual suggestions is ocean farming. By farming the seas, you can circumvent pressure on land and freshwater altogether.

Greenwave is a pioneering company that has researched techniques to farm the entire water column, making small scale but highly productive sea farms. They claim that their model can provide 20 tonnes of…

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The power of listening and thinking with the heart!

Recently I have been looking at new angles and approaches to the mess we humans are in, not necessarily how to solve them but how I can personally process them to make sense of it all. An inevitable financial collapse is on the way, whether it’s this month (as some economists are saying) or the next couple of years I don’t know, but you don’t need to a genius to see it on the horizon. The question is how quickly we get there or in layman terms how long they hold it of with quantitative easing or fancy jargonistic disguises. It could collapse in another war, but then we are pretty much in world war 3 now anyway. Personally I think we could all do with a reset and go back to more natural ways, the majority of the world live in obscene luxury and it’s not needed or even beneficial come to think of it. The solution in my opinion is, as i’m you can guess is Sustainability! 

I am therefore trying to tailor my blog towards this aspect, with information on how to best move from a so called normal life to a sustainable one. This is all from my perspective as and when I discover or find new information, this recently has tended to be in the form of videos about how to make things for sustainability. Recently I have not written much about Equality, which is also essential for human survival. So at the moment their is not a lot of reflective content in my blog just raw information, not just due the fact of it being a kind of direct outlet for my personal research (which I want to share with the world) but also my minimised time caused by my degree and working my butt of on minimum wage trying to forge a living to provide for my family. 

So for a little bit of Equality and something I know I could certainly benefit from! My Reiki, Mediation and Yoga (when I do it) benefit me tremendously but ’Listening & Council’ sounds great. We could all benefit from listening a little more, I know I certainly could, not for want of trying I might add, but the fact listening techniques are not understood enough. In my field of care and rehabilitation it’s essential, but listening requires awareness and participation in order to be a complete package, actually hearing something is only one aspect of listening. As I have touched on a number of occasions our ancestors had more answers than we do now in many aspects. These ancestors often sat in circle around a fire and told storying in turn passing down information, knowledge and even resolving conflicts. Compared to this technique of listening when have again lost another ability our ancestors possessed; communication! 

In this video Leon Berg does his best to reinstate it into our ethos, Enjoy:

Co-Housing or an Eco Village… Is it a move forward?

I have often pondered with idea of community living and Eco Villages, I have to be honest the appeal of Co-housing does not appear to grasp me. I left my years of student housing years ago and the idea of Co-Housing strikes similarities to this for me, I know people would be older and wiser with all the trimmings, but I am one that likes my quiet time. And yes even the odd time I like to wonder around in inappropriate attire, as in boxers not women clothes or anything like that, not that there is anything wrong with people who do that sort of thing. 

Anyway this video shows a bit of both but mainly eco villages and while I like this idea I am not keen on how it is executed in this example. The village design means people actually have to purchase the house, like a real mortgage which to me spoils the sustainability aspect as well as the ethos of it! Thats my thought anyway, I mean their actually doing it and i’m still wrapped up in the economic world of capitalism (but with an aim to escape when I can). 

Watching this did get me investigating this idea and I found the second video, now thats the kinda of house I want to living and make to me thats how Eco villages should be. Looking at the Living in the Future website I then found a Welsh Eco village that seemed to run a better system called Lammas

I feel that Co-Housing is not the move for the future for me as people need their space, a communal building in a village should present to provide the community element, this way around it gives the residents the option. So in a round a bout round up Eco village are the way forward for me. I would love to move into one like Lammas or even set one up with some like mined people, I just have to overcome the financial problem which enforces a strange kind of irony that you have to have money to leave the system. Anyway it’s something to save and work towards and mark my words it will happen one way or another :)

Moving to the country would be my option…

With current news talking of the inevitable economic crash dominating certain media sources (i.e. not the mass media), I have myself considered the idea of moving away from the UK. Unfortunately unlike Chris Matenson I don’t have the cash to purchase land and set up a sustainable lifestyle. I would love to if I could, to the extent I have even identified a plot of land I would like to purchase for the venture. I will just have to do what I can where I am though, I hope my planning and information gained through reading of blogs and non-mass media have prepared me enough. To be honest regardless of an economic crash I would love to set up a sustainable farm/community if I could.

But Chris’s story is not wasted, his story empowers us and shows us it can be done, with a little work. I have definitely taken a lot from this video and hope you will too. It has boosted my determination to create that kind of lifestyle for myself and family. I for one will be taking his advice and sharing it with you along with my other findings on sustainable living.

A quote from Chris Martenson “Money is not a comprehensive descriptor of wealth. Your deepest wealth lies in the strength and resiliency of your community.”


Pets for Vets, an intervention for both sides…

This little video come not so much from my Sustainability or even my Equality side, but from the OT in me. I have always loved animals and even before studying as an OT it was clear to me the human benefit of a connection with them. Connection with an animal is something you can’t get from another human, to me it’s like crossing a boundary of communication. A communication on a more spiritual level without words or normal dialog, just a subconscious understanding of two beings. 

So when I saw this video it was clear to my even before the end the benefits, but to see the emotion of Blade and DD just lifts you, it also nearly brought a tear to my eye I must admit. As a OT who believes in natural and more holistic interventions this speaks volumes to my learning and my whole ethics towards career, you have to have the evidence in this world before you are taken seriously and here it is. I am so please that people are creating this type of program to help those in desperate need who would not get it otherwise. So to me the promotion of it is paramount to it success and also the lives of the people they save!

Thank you :)

SWN20 (2 of 38)

Bailiffs sent away! Mostafa still at Sweets Way!

Equality 333:

The social cleansing of London suburbs must be stopped. This action proves people power can change minds. This kind of corporate control and lack of consideration for anything other than profit must be stopped in it’s tracks NOW!

What right do they have to just kicking someone out of their home because they want the land to make luxury flats for the rich?

It could be your house next !

Originally posted on sweets way resists:

On Monday, people kept a family from being evicted and pushed a council to reverse the decision that would have left them homeless. But we need to keep up the pressure to keep Mostafa and the family safe.

SWN20 (9 of 38) Photo by Hannah Nicklin

On Sunday night, many of us didn’t go to sleep. Bailiffs were due at 46 Sweets Way and because we had seen what Mostafa and his family had gone through, and we had seen them failed over and over again by the various systems that are meant to protect them, we knew we needed to prepare with them to stay in their home.

We were prepared to do everything peaceful within our power to stop High Court bailiffs from entering the home of the last family at Sweets Way and making them homeless. Some of us planned to take photos and document the experience, others were prepared to take…

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ReGreening The Desert….

I came across this little post which I thought was very positive. I have been looking at permaculture recently, mainly in an effort to produce sustainable produce in my back yard. And to find way to out do the army of slugs that invade my garden on a nightly basis, which thankfully has been greatly reduced with the introduction of mint (and the dregs of mint tea and leafs).

The video is about introducing permaculture in the Jordanian desert and the results are incredible to say the least. Geoff Lawton basically turns desert into productive land which produces crops when the rest of Jordan can not, now thats clearly a sign he is doing something very right. Obviously from this I can safely conclude permaculture is the way forward and telling I have got a lot of learning too on the subject. I just don’t understand why this is not common practice across the globe (well I do, but that anther story), people really need to wake up and change their though process and farming process. Permaculture it the way forward especially with global warming on the increase. 

Geoff Lawton (the educator in this film) is doing an amazing job of education people, and I know there are a lot more like him, but if humans are going to live sustainably we all need to jump on this band wagon and fast.

Enjoy …