Local Currency Update: Opting Out of the Bankster Money System

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This is great news! 

People are beginning to realise there is an alternative to the big banks, and it’s relatively easy to do. Local currency is spring up all over the place, we need to embrace it and take the power away from big banks. The fact that companies like Good Energy are now making this move is a fantastic step forwards. 

There are group such as Positive Money who explain the current system and how to move away from it. Find out about your local currency or how to set one up, lets make this movement MOVE ! 

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According to the Guardian, renewable energy provider Good Energy has agreed to accept the Bristol pound in payment for electricity and gas bills. The company claims to be the first in the world to accept payments in local currency. Bristol residents already use the Bristol pound to pay for groceries, bus fares and council tax (ie real estate taxes).

The Bristol Pound is an alternative currency launched in 2012 to help keep cash in the local community, as opposed to the deep pockets of multinational corporations.

Run as a not-for-profit partnership with Bristol Credit Union, the Bristol pound is the first city-wide local currency in the UK and the largest alternative to Britain’s national currency (pounds sterling). There are approximately 750,000 Bristol pounds in circulation.

Local or complementary currencies are an ideal way for communities to opt out of the corporate money system. Their use has expanded exponentially since…

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The 30 year sweatshirt

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Great I just love this, today things are made so cheaply and designed to fall apart, within such a short period of time. My oldest item is a Airwalk jumper it must be pushing nearly 20 years. It’s still warm and it’s been round the globe with the stains and holes to prove it, but it’s just about still holding it’s purpose of keeping me warm. But is no longer the smartest item of clothing I own, in it’s old days it become more of a lounge ware item. Imagine if it had been guaranteed for 30 years !!!

Watch the Kickstarter for the 30 Year Sweatshirt, it’s amazing and long overdue idea thanks for sharing … http://makewealthhistory.org

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The oldest item of clothing in my wardrobe that I still wear is a German Army surplus shirt that I bought in the early 90s. You know the type – it’s an army surplus staple beloved of grunge kids and outdoor types. I presume it has something to do with the country’s compulsory military service of the time and a high turnover of personnel, but to this day military surplus shops the world over are stuffed with drab olive shirts with a little German flag.

It’s not an elegant item of clothing. It was scruffy and secondhand when I bought it and it’s no better now, but it is still going. It’s been my hiking, camping and gardening shirt, so it’s taken more abuse than any other item of clothing, but it appears to be more or less indestructible.

That’s what you’d expect from clothing made for the military, but…

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Homemade Bug Spray

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This is a lovely little remedy for your fictional garden. As you are officially not allowed to use it, no doubt a rule by corporations. But on the flip side if you were too not agree with the corporate versions then please go ahead… You know my views though I like to share :)

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Officially it’s not allowed to make your own treatments for bugs and problems on your allotment.

(So I’m not advocating that anyone tries this on their plants.)

Black Fly on the Broad Beans

We’ve had a problem with our beautiful broad beans.

They’ve got black fly!

Oh no!

Now insecticide is out of the question. We keep bees. Insecticide is terrible.

So from our bee keeping we’ve learned that bugs don’t like thyme. We took some home grown dried thyme and ground it into a fine powder.

Then we put it a pan with hot water to make a ‘tea’. We added a squirt of washing up liquid.

Now we also know that ants don’t like cinnamon. The ants farm the black fly. They carry them onto the plant. So we added cinnamon oil to the cooled liquid.

Then we filtered it through kitchen paper in a sieve.

The washing…

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The most sophisticated waste management and recycling technology in the world.

I have realised recent posts have been fairly long and quite intense so time for something a little less time consuming four you all.

Now I have posted videos from Nextworld Tv before, they really to share some amazing videos. I have a long list of them to share with you, for one reason or another I just haven’t, my excuse is I have been busy studying at university and work and running a household (or just being lazy).

This one, as the title conveniently suggests is about the most sophisticated waste management and recycling in the world and it come from Japan, no surprise there really. When you watch it it seems some simple and easy to do. But obviously there would be massive set up costs, but the amount our government waste on things (for example bailing out failing banks or … well I could go on) I sure it could be done if their intentions were in the right place. I hope some MP’s or leaders see this and take note, it’s time to move forward with ideas like this and clearly Japan are strides ahead.


So spread the word and let make this a more sustainable world… Thanks

A Call for Society & Compassion…

I have just arrive back from a cracking family holiday, yes it was relaxing and amazing to have time away from the media pollution and technology. During this time basking in the suns rays and splash splashing in the ocean, I have a lot of time reflect and contemplate recent events! I have stopped following some of you, please don’t take offensive this is purely as I am struggling to read all the weekly posts from you all and want to focus more on Equality and Sustainability  issues and posts, nothing to do with content in the slightest. I am sure at some point I will again increase who I follow again, call it streamlining for the cause, as they say. In light of all this I have had a little change of layout on the blog, hope you like it, I want to make it a bit more like a magazine, the long term aim!

So what is the conclusion of this reflective time then? Well many things is the honest answer and in truth probably more question to understand than answers, but the most is the factor people have become brainwashed by society! I know most people reading this blog will be aware of the corporate power that is suffocating our towns, countries and even social interactions. I’m not sure if it’s just because of our government and the fact they have been under the corporations thumb for so long, that we have come to accept it or just their are some really naive people out their. What ever the cause, we are in deep now and something needs to be done to save our free society and freedom of choice. A massive problem is the media regardless of where you live here in the UK it’s the ‘Sun’ and ‘Daily Mail’ that in my opinion pollution so many and create a society of hatred and blame with no trust.

Rupert Murdoch – A media controlling force, manipulating our news and thoughts.

Whether is Murdoch or DMG productions that print them it doesn’t matter they follow the same damaging message which destroy trust and compassion within society. News that has become so one sided and in full support of the ruling few, how can we have an equally society, if we have suppressed information? This is not a new problem, it has been going on for years but I think now it is embedded in our society so we trust it. I refer back to my post What Facebook and Google are hiding from the world…?’ where the talk by TED Talks’ explains the problem with this scenario. There is also news coming out about controlling the internet even more, only creating more suppression.

Until I saw the ‘TED Talks‘ I did only read the ‘Guardian‘ and the ‘Huffington Post’ relied on that as my source of news. This was a little naive, yes they were so called left wing papers but I was only getting new from that perspective. We need a source of information that is going to tell us thing we don’t agree with, this creates discussion and provokes thought and maybe even opens our mind to new views. Today I like to think I have a wide range of information from a few papers, including the ‘i paper’ which appears to have a quite no opinionated style, this is key as I believe as people need hard facts not what the editor wants you to know (I will not read Murdoch ones though as they spread hatred and quite frankly are derogatory…. but thats a whole different post). Of course I get good views and accounts from the kind bloggers I follow, ‘Twitter‘ and various groups and organisation I follow. I am by no means saying I am the source of all information but I feel I have a balance and overview of what is going on and can therefore read into things of concern. This takes up a lot of my time, but until we have an equal society I will not stop trying to help other see the truth and try to open their eyes to a more equal and sustainable community.

With all this negative media that often concentrates on “Terrorism” and crime rates, is a wonder society has not collapsed already. One is left to think… “is there really good news anymore”, wow there so much good happening out there it just not being report to the masses. There are sites such asDailyGood’  which is great but unfortunately gear for our American friends, we need one with English stories of good doing, a serious lack in the market, and I have search and search with no decent results that fill this criteria (ha maybe it my search engine blocking it :)). I would love to be able to produce a website that filled this gap but not only do I to have the time I don’t have the resources either, but it’s definitely a plan for the future, when i’ve found a partner in good! The problem is by reporting on all this negativity it enables the media to hide real truths such a the devastating TTIP (TPP in the US), by scaremongering about ‘Terrorism’. The majority of people will not batter an eyelid when new laws are passed to protect them against these EVILS, but really is it that much of a problem, I mean I know it is and there people being slaughtered, but why is it happening, why are people leaving comfortable lives to fight for this cause? I’d need a whole blog to answer this properly, but my view is the mass corruption and inequality are causing peoples dimishing faith in society and inability to fit into these ever decreasing societal roles. 

Stop TTIP NOW.... And save democracy!

Stop TTIP NOW…. And save democracy!

I know that a generalise view of it all but the best I can do without writing an essay at the moment. Inequality is rapidly increasing especially here in the UK and until we sort that nothing will improve. Now I am all for helping others and believe in equality for all but how can we preach (when we have possibly the most inequality in the western world.)Terrorism has alway been there in some for or another and I don’t think it will go away until humanity as a whole embraces equality and compassion. My focus has therefore turned in concentrate of a local scale, but we still need to keep in touch with the wider community to keep a level perspective. This country has become such a shambles of justice the urgent priority is to address this, otherwise there will be nowhere to conduct and activism or campaign from. Only just over a month into the new government and the devastation that awaits us is becoming clear,  cutting mental health and disabled benefits I mean it’s just the lowest of the low to repay a fake debt that has always been there. Until we change our banking system, allowing the banks to create money from debt as I explained in ‘Money Is Not Real…’ and ‘How to sort out the economy…’ how will we ever pay it off the fact that the Tories are feeding us this farcical story in order to fund they friends in corporations just shows the level to which we have stood aside and let ourselves be striped of our right and yes i’ll say it … our dignity. I certainly am ashamed of us all (including myself) for letting things get this bad! With the ever looming TTIP (or TPP in the US) threatening to scrap the last dregs of social humanity out of the barrel and giving power to the corporations resulting in the end of any remain democracy, and Fracking on the cards for the UK hope is slowly draining from society, or so you would have thoughtthe fact of the matter is people are blissful unaware of the tragedy that is around the corner. Instead they are too worried about false debt and the ‘Terrorist Threat’ which the media is feeding in to us all. 

So I call for society to stand up and be counted we need compassion for our fellow citizens who do not have the advantage of knowing what to believe or even where to find the truth or who a scared to go against these so called norm that are drilled into us from an early age.

Now is the time to come forward, Now is the time to talk to your neighbour again, Now is the time to think for yourself, Now it the time to give Murdoch the finger and rebuild community and fight for humanity and democracyWars have not worked we need the fighting to end we need people to become one and with one loud voice we can drown out the corruption and greed and bring a Sustainable and Equal place for all!

Start at your work/school/yoga class, then as one move to your neighbourhood, then your town, then your county, then country and ill see you along the journey!

“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” – Mahatma Gandhi

When did democracy get voted out…?

As many of you probably know the result of the UK’s general election was Conservative winning by a majority, the fact they only got 37% of the vote and if you count all the people who did’t vote too that equates to 26% of the population voted for them! In my eyes that is not an majority, in fact anything but. I would not be so bitter if the voting system was fair, but the first past the post system is not, just to show the fairness of this system take a look at the image below

Voters per MP (c) Electoral Reform Society

Voters per MP (credit Electoral Reform Society)

The whole nation is in shock, but how has this come about?, You may ask. Lies and deceit have won this election, we had the normal ‘working for the country’ lies, but the lies about deficit! The deficit has been pumped around like a massive issues when really it’s not, yes the Tory’s have reduced the deficit but increased the debt, in fact they’ve not only increased it they’ve doubled it. Not that debt is a real problem (see my post How to sort out the economy… or Money Is Not Real..), but this was falsely made out to be a massive issue, scaring people into wanting to clear the debt. On top of this an apparent letters sent from a group of small business congratulating the Tory’s for helping them succeeded, which a few day before the election came out as made up! That even before you get on to Murdoch and is blatant derogatory and quite frankly racist news reporting! His false press has given conservative a helping hand in there unjust formation of government. This has resulted in massive campaign for Electoral Reform and mainly a demand for proportional representation, with nearly 500,000 signatures handed in by leaders of most of the smaller parties agreeing on the fact our system is out of date and undemocratic! The implementations of this are astronomical, already the Tory’s are talking about scrapping the ‘Human Right Act’, not all parts, but they what to rebrand it ‘British Act of Rights’ or something basically they want to increasing snooping. limit privacy, stop demonstrations and have even more powers to arrest and not be acountable, as far as I can tell. It’s now been a week or two since the election and already the reality is showing through, we have the confirmed news they want to scrap the ‘Human Rights Act’. It’s seems to allow more snooping laws, of course in the off protection against terrorists. Theres a hidden agenda here I’m sure, mainly silencing the people and stopping our freedom to speak out.. Not only are they scrapping rights but also cutting funding left right and centre, the latest is wind farms and renewable energy this infuriates me. I mean in an age when we should be moving towards renewable and the bloody government is cutting funding and subsidies. On top of this they want to bring in TTIP (another post due on that one), allow GMO foods, I meant it’s just like leaping back.. no it’s somersaulting back. The want to repel the ‘Fox hunting ban’ also just a barbaric act of chasing down defenceless animals and ripping them apart, much like they seem to want to to to the poor of the UK. So as you obviously can see they deserve a pay rise that they have put through after just a few days into power,  the cheek of it just boggles the mind.

I have been trying to write this past for a few days, but the words just are not coming as I would like. This is mainly due to my inability to comprehend the naivety, no no that’s unfair… the unawareness of some people I should say. But in the circles I read I find this information and happily share it with others who might not necessarily have access to it, and people are listen more than ever, which is amazing and fills me with faith. I think people are going to realise the implications of having this Conservative government in full power without Liberal Democrats to pull them back, sorry to Nick Clegg (Lib den leader) we put you down!

More and more people are beginning to questioning the government and their priorities and finding the systems in place to disagree and stand up. There have been numerous protests since the election, some big (a few thousand people), but surprise surprise there was a media blackout, but they can not silence the majority. There are lots more cuts and shocking relations to come, too many to fit into this post, and if I did write them all that would limit my resource for good posts late (so best not).

People from all walks of life need to bury their differences and come together now!

They need to bring democracy back to UK (and indeed the world)!

We need sustainability and equality in this world!

I will not stop campaigning until we have it, may take a while don’t get me wrong bit it will come! 

I belive in democracy and I believe in the human species sometimes we have to have it right in front of us before we act, well people it’s here, it’s in front of you, IT’S TIME TO ACT !!!


I know that you will have seen the recent news about the Nepalese earthquakes, the devastation that has been incomprehensible. The news reports are unsurprising is not correct and it appears many many more have died than is being reported, why this is I don’t know why this would be but it’s not important at the moment. I have a friend in Nepal who have been running a NGO ‘The Love Company World’ on his own for many years out there (and India), helping children through school and widowed families.

With a few friends he has now taken on the important task of helping these devastated villages in the mountains and remotest parts of Nepal where the global rescue efforts have not yet reached. The problem is the logistics of getting aid through customs (for some reason this is a priority with the government in Nepal) and when it finally does the majority is going to the main towns, which are easier too. Baba Jay and his friends are venturing into these remote villages with tarps, rice, water, mattresses and smiles. They are giving the locals valuable supplies and at the same time spreading smiles, love and music raising the mood and diverting the attention to smiles and dance, this is as important as the food aid love and smiles aid, keeping the spirits of the locals alive in their moment of crisis!

Now i’m not normally one to ask for donations, as I know in this day and age money is tight and often people feel pressurised and bad that they can’t donate. But I ask you to think about it this time as you could save lives, this money goes direct to the source theres not middle man, no CEO and corporation to pay but if you can’t do not feel bad, you can help just as much by sharing this information with others and helping where it matters.

Here are a couple of videos of the work being done and where the donations will go:

Also to see updates and a little bit about Baba jay here is his Facebook link


Thank you and please don’t feel bad all you can do is all you can do,

Together we can make a difference to their lives!