Amazing camping stove…

Just a quick post to share with you this amazing camping stove, the “BioLite Camp Stove. Currently as you know I am looking at ideas or products that are sustainable and would enable a life off grid (who’s know we might all need this knowledge soon the way things are going!). During this little mission, I am currently looking at camping gear and mainly solar equipment for a camping trip. I want to get into the spirit of off the grid living too but doing via a few little trips first, plus I have to finish my course first so I can earn living and have a chance of achieving my dream of setting up a sustainable and holistic Care home (long term jam plan and to be discussed in a post way ahead from now), anyway I going of on a tangent. Basically I came across the  BioLite Camp Stove”, what an invention by BioLite, a small group of innovative people looking for more sustainable earth, right up my street. Take a look at the demo video:

I am already saving up the pennies and will be buying one as soon as I can. There are a number of retailers selling it, but the cheapest I found (in the UK) was OutBack Trading in Cornwall.

Enjoy guys and get saving in every sense 

Blest with Clean Oceans Project…

Our oceans are a magical places full of strange alien like creatures and adventures of the unknown. I often hear that we know more about space than the depths of the ocean. So when you hear of these apparent floating islands of plastic waste it makes you think, what effect does this have on the unknown watery world, will it prevent us from finding an amazing animal or a magical cure to greed (maybe thats just me). I wonder how is this allowed to happen, but then I think once people have thrown their rubbish into the sea, river or even on the ground and it happens unfortunately, (sometimes by mistake) it makes it’s way into the the oceans. How can we track it or get it back?

These ‘Trash islands’ are one thing but what about all the plastic animals swallow and in consequence suffer a slow painful death, now someone people (I doubt none of you) would not really care about this, but i’d say to those people to then think about the bigger picture, this plastic will get into our food chain through animal digestion or even Microplastics and in turn we will be munching down on some fish infused plastic.

A few months ago well actually about a year ago I came across the Blest Machine, an incredible invention by Akinori Ito and his colleagues that converts plastic into fuel. Wow you might say, but this has not taken off I’m not sure why. I’ve read arguments saying it just encourages plastics and the solution is to move a way from them, I totally agree with this but there is a lot of plastic around which could be used to covert into fuel, until we have a complete solution for it’s replacement.

With this invention there are huge possibilities it just needed the opportunity. Well now it’s here Clean Oceans Project’ have team up with them and using their app that works out where rubbish would end up after riding the oceans tides. When they locate this rubbish they can convert it to fuel in order to stay miles of the shoreline collecting all the rubbish. This is fantastic plan and shows great devotion as well as what can be achieved when people come together with ideas.

Real solutions come about!


In addition read about Mission Ocean a very important mission, thanks :)

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Now we have a plan

Equality 333:

I remember watching as Ellen MacArthur stepped of her boat on to dry land in Falmouth, having completed her solo around the world trip in record time! It was such an incredible achievement and I was honoured to be there to see the last moments along with hundreds possibly thousands of others!

But seeing this video has changed that and i’ll tell you why… Since then I have heard very little about Ellen MacArthur. To be blunt I was not really that bothered by this, not in a horrible way just I assumed she had gone off and lived her life after an amazing achievement, also i’m not one who keep up with the celebrity intrusion the media imposes on us. But to me this 16 minute speech on TedTalks has top her achievement of that, not only have she given up her life of sailing but she has brought people together and set up this tremendous Ellen MacArthur Foundation. So to achieve, well lets face two monumental achievements that most people could only dream of is massive and I applaud her for the second time, in well my life I suppose.

I hope to read more about it and see it’s achievements grow and grow in the eyes of sustainability, thank you Ellen.

Enjoy (and thanks Make wealth history for sharing it with me :) )

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Over the last five years Ellen MacArthur has become the leading advocate of the circular economy, an unexpected career change after her success in sailing. In this talk from this year’s TED conference, she explains why her experiences as a solo sailor led directly into her work in sustainability. An inspiring story from a remarkable woman, and well worth a quarter hour of your time.

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A Letter to a Friend Who Was Asking For Advice…

Equality 333:

I have always admired Hunter S. Thompson’s style of writing. He is very frank and descriptive really drawing you in and taking your mind on a journey of exploration through his ideas, just fantastic.

But this letter is like a fountain of knowledge and as you read though it the realisation of it wisdom dawns on you, and you realise exactly where he is coming from and the relevance of his careful pick words. I really believe children should study this letter in school as a project of discovery of ones self and the expectations of the future.

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My Dear Friends,

I read this letter and felt if was worthy of a post, the letter was written by Hunter S. Thomposon to his friend  Hume roughly 57 years ago.

I hope you like it and that the words resonate for you too?

Namaste with Love



Roughly 57 years ago, a 22-year-old Hunter S. Thompson wrote a letter to a friend that had asked him for advice. On the surface, this doesn’t seem like a big deal – 57 years ago letters were just how people communicated. What stands out to me is the fact that Thompson wrote this letter way before anyone really knew who he was. The letter, in my opinion, is a pure statement of faith, written by one of the most influential writers of our time, solely for the purpose of helping his friend. I know the letter wasn’t written to me, but…

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Changing the way we farm…

This video is from 2009 although it still entirely relevant perhaps even more so now! 

It’s presented by a lady who was bought up on a farm, now coming back to it she is investigating the possibility of running a farm with out cheap fossil fuels. This is a very important issue at the moment, we are going to run out of fossil fuels, it might be in five years or even thirty! The people who survive will be those who are prepared. It’s no good waiting until there are shortages, then suddenly thinking ‘oh shit, what do I do now?’! That will only end in tears and probably a lot of fighting over the remaining oil (who would have thought it fighting over oil). So the best course of action it to prepare now, the mainstream are not going to do this for us. They will go on guzzling the oil until the very last drop drips from the fuel line into the engine, and theres a cough a splutter, then as the last tractor comes to an abrupt stop in the middle of a field somewhere. So the survivors will be the ones who have been weening themselves slowly off oil and are using alternatives already.

The main focus is on Permaculture and how this method could help. I know a little about permaculture but not to the level this documentary explains. It’s simply fascinating, and I know i’ll be research a lot more, so expect some permaculture things in the future.


Your own medical garden…

I am a firm believer that the cure many of todays ailments and illnesses is growing in nature. Obviously sometimes we need medical intervention, but that is down to ones own perception as to when. I have many a time had a chest infection and people have told me  “you need antibiotics” but a simple course of turmeric in milk has proved enough to make me better.

There are many plants and herbs out there that can help with our health requirements like in my previous post ‘Mushrooms, Bees and Cancer’, that talked about Paul Stamets discovery of mushrooms healing properties. Knowledge like this always gets me intrigued, as I want to embraces it and most of all share it and help others to embrace the more natural remedies. We have lost a lot of knowledge our ancestors learnt and we need to quickly rediscover it before it’s lost for good, also so we can embrace a sustainable lifestyle.

So heres a few I discovered (we not discovered through research i’ve not be doing tests on people or anything, just reading)

Catnip (Nepeta cataria)

Considered the cannabis of the feline world, catnip is a first-class medicinal for those of the human sort. A gray-green perennial, catnip has been used extensively throughout the ages as a calming agent for the body and mind. It eases digestive and emotional disturbances, pain, restlessness, insomnia, headache and menstrual disorders. The herb is especially helpful for infants and children due to its mild nature. The oil of catnip is considered an effective insect repellant.

Grow Your Own Garden Fresh Medicine Chest This Summer and Beyond - Catnip (Nepeta Cataria)In France, the leaves and young shoots are often added to sauces and stews for a flavoring similar to mint and pennyroyal. Since the roots tend to be overly stimulating, however, it’s best to stick with the leaves for culinary/medicinal purposes.

Herbal actions: calmative, diaphoretic, relaxant, carminative, astringent, digestive stimulant, insect repellant (volatile oil), emmenagogue, tonic.

Lavender (Lavandula officinalis)

If you suffer from irritability, anxiety, stress or insomnia, lavender is the herb for you. With its use traveling back thousands of years, lavender is a time-honored herb that uplifts the mood and encourages healthy circulation. It also demonstrates potent antibacterial, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties.

Grow Your Own Garden-Fresh Medicine Chest This Summer and Beyond - LavenderLavender is often used in baked goods and is a unique component of herbs de Provence seasoning blends.

Herbal actions: analgesic, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, anticonvulsant, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, antimutagenic, antioxidant.

Heartsease (Viola tricolor)

A wonderful botanical for cleansing the blood, heartsease also heals skin eruptions, relieves lung inflammation and promotes wound healing. These violet flowers are not only beautiful, they also soothe asthma, headaches and sore throats. Additionally, heartsease has been used to heal urinary tract infections, psoriasis, bronchitis and varicose veins.

Grow Your Own Garden-Fresh Medicine Chest This Summer and Beyond - Heartsease

The flowers are edible and can be used in salads, sherbet and puddings. Leaves of heartsease are most often prepared as a tea.

Herbal actions: antibacterial, diuretic, analgesic, anti-inflammatory.

Yarrow (Achillea millefolium)

Named for the Greek hero Achilles, legend has it that yarrow was used to treat the wounds of his fellow soldiers. A flowering perennial common in Asia, Europe and North America, it’s an excellent herb for supporting healthy skin and healing minor wounds. It encourages appetite and soothes discomforts of the gastrointestinal tract as well. However, caution should be used if allergic to ragweed.

Grow Your Own Garden-Fresh Medicine Chest This Summer and Beyond - Yarrow

Applications include: Infusions, juice from the fresh herb, tinctures, compresses and baths.

Herbal actions: Diaphoretic, astringent, tonic, stimulant, mild aromatic.

Rose (Rosa spp.)

Not just another pretty face, rose is an often overlooked medicinal flower. Containing notable levels of important antioxidants and gallic acid, rose flower exhibits strong antiviral, anti-fungal and anticancer properties. The sweet scent also protects against nervous disorders like stress, depression and anxiety. Rose water is well-respected for its ability to topically soothe distressed skin — including sun damage, premature aging, rosacea and eczema. It’s important to note that most commercially grown roses use high levels of pesticides, so always seek out organic varieties.

Grow Your Own Garden-Fresh Medicine Chest This Summer and Beyond - Rosa sppHerbal actions: anticancer, antidepressant, antiscorbutic, antispasmodic, aphrodisiac, aromatic, astringent, coagulant/hemostatic, cordial, depurative, emmenagogue, hepatic, laxative, nervine, cooling, sedative.

Black elderberry (Sambucus nigra)

While not a herb in the strict sense of the word, black elderberry (Sambucus nigra) is worth noting due to its extraordinary healing merits. If you have the space, planting an elderberry tree is well worth the effort. Best known for its ability to ramp-up immunity and defend the body against contagious illness like colds and influenza, elderberry is also a nutritional powerhouse with a high antioxidant profile.

Grow Your Own Garden-Fresh Medicine Chest This Summer and Beyond - Black Elderberry

What’s more, research has found the berry decreases tumor growth by over 50 percent through antiangiogenic action (the hindering of unwanted blood vessel formation). Elderberry also curbs cardiovascular disease by mitigating the oxidation of low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol.

Learn more about this exceptional plant here.

These plant can all be infused into tea very easily with the ratio of one-half to one-ounce of herb for every pint of water.

As for the ElderberryI know Elderberry cordial or wine is easy to make and very tasty too. Just separate the berries from the stem and bring to the boil with some sugar to taste, don’t eat the stem or raw as this is poisonous.

This information was taken from ‘Wake Up World

Money and Banks… Their all a scam!

So with the budget recently exposed, is that the right word? forced, unleashed, yes thats the word to use. So George Osborne unleashed his new budget on us and nothing has really change yes he raised the minimum wage (£7.20 is not the living wage) but cut all sorts of benefits and taxes which cancel out any benefit of that raise. Ofcourse the budget was for his friends or puppeteers should I say, with reduction to corporation tax and no clear sign of stopping tax loopholes. 

Yet people out there are still not getting the message that our money system and the whole globes is completely fake and in fact criminal and making only the bankers rich. I have talk about this previously in ‘Money Is Not Real…’, ‘How to sort out the economy…’,

With things really hotting up on this issue within certain groups and the need to break through the mass media’s smoke screen I have shared a few videos I found floating around today.

First is a Keiser Report, Ben Dyson from Positive Money is explaining the money system from 12:40;

or a good explanation by Martin Wolf the chief economics commentator at the Financial Times and journalist;

And the last one is from the British parliament and the first debate on money creation in 170 years. They obvious could not care less (the lack of people in the house) for obvious reasons (their controlled by the money creators). I know it’s two hours long but you only need to watch the first couple of minutes to see how farcical the whole system is, as describe by a Tory so it must be bad!

Together we can change the system but it must be done now before it’s too late!