Back To The Original Purpose…

Ok so this is where ‘Ideas Of Mass Destruction’ changes it’s focus!

I have been thinking a lot about the direction of this blog, mainly due to reading the book “Find you power by Chris Johnstone” (worth a buy i’d say). There is a section in it saying not to do anything that does not benefit or takes a step towards achieving your goals, this really got me thinking. This thinking lead me down the road of whether me writing this blog benifits my goal, i’m sure this is a normal bloggers contemplation and that i’m a just dramatising, but humour me for a momeant please! You maybe be please I decided it does, but only if it changes a little, or you may not!

So where does this change come in you may be asking…? Until now my focus has steered towards rants over the corrupted corporate control of our world! To be frank I think you all know the problems, if you don’t then please read my previous blogs mainly ‘Collapse & WW3 or change & Sustainability it’s 2016…’ & ‘Are you a “World Citizen’ or a sponge for the propaganda media…’. As we know (if you dont please read up) collapse is coming, so I feel now is the time to prepare.


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Obviously i’m still reading the information which I have shared in my posts and I will now post it on my ‘StartPeeps‘ account if you still want my news insights. Also there are plenty of blogs and media out there to read with great information, plus I don’t feel I add to them enough to facilitate this blogs focusing on it.

Recently I was listening Max Igan  and realised… we need to change our ways and move away from the conformity in which we are forced to live, when communities together start changing the way they live then government will have to listen until then it does not matter who we have in power because the corporate control will always have the last say.

This blog will now concentrate on building this new equal and sustainable community, a fresh start after the collapse! I’m not saying I will dramatically achive something no one else has, but my focus will be a positive one striving for this new community. I will delete all who I follow and allow the universe to point me to the ones I should follow, those who will aid my focus on this community. So no offence to anyone who I don’t follow from now on, but I need a fresh clear platform to achieve my goal, your work has inspired me immensely, I thank you so much and wish you all the best!


Happy reading… , we can only achieve this together.

Ok are you sitting comfortable?

Lets begin the new chapter…



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